Cast Iron Dryer Cylinder


Cast iron dryer

Cast iron dryer cylinder diameter up to 3680mm, width up to 12000mm.Body material is HT250-HT350, the grade of ductile iron is QT400-QT600, the hardness is up to HB190-280.

All dryer cylinders, heads and journals are made of special cast iron. Separate journals are bolted onto the dryer heads. Dryer shells are ground on the outside and turned on the inside. All dryer journals with steam or condensate pipes have insulation sleeves. The inner surfaces have grooves for the stationary siphons. The front side ends of all dryers contain manholes.

Cast iron material are excellent in durability.This is because the free form flake graphite in the cast iron material ensured its high corrosion and erosion resistance. The cast iron also has good fatigue strength under the pressure roller forces. At the same time, cast iron itself has a good surface performance, does not need metal spraying treatment like steel dryer.

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