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We are a professional supplier of paper making equipment. We produce and sell cast iron dryer cylinder, steel dryer cylinder, Yanke dryer cylinder, press roller and other spare parts to domestic and aboard all over the world.

Cast iron dryer cylinder diameter up to 3680mm, width up to 12000mm.Body material is HT250-HT350, the grade of ductile iron is QT400-QT600, the hardness is up to HB190-280.Steel dryer cylinder diameter up to 7500mm.the press roller diameter up to 1800mm.

Drying cylinder design and produce implementation standards: American national standard (ANSI), European standard (EN), German standard (DIN), French standard (NF), British standard (BS), Japanese industrial standard (JIS), Russian standard (POCT), Chinese National standard (GB) and other national standards.


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The material blending technology and smelting casting process we used are international advanced level.The computer digital display testing physical and chemical ensures that the materials of HT200~HT350 of gray iron castings and QT400~QT600 of ductile iron meet castings standard requirements; The CNC lathes, new vertical lathes and dryer special machine tools are all currently advanced equipment, which can ensures the machining accuracy and surface quality of the products.

Customized Dryer Cylinder

We have a professional R&D team, which can develop and produce according to the drawings or samples provided by customers

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Equipped with Japan's advanced furnace front rapid analysis and testing equipment, guarantees the internal and external quality, meets international standards.

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24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From consultation to installation, one-stop service to escort your production

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With rich export experience, we can help you minimize costs while ensuring safe and efficient transportation
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Here are some common information about our paper machine dryer cylinder.Help you to know well about our products quickly.

1About cast iron dryer cylinder

Diameter range: 1500~3800mm; Length range: 1900~2600mm; Material: HT250~350; Design pressure :0.3-1.1 mpa; Hardness: 190-260HB; Working speed 500-1500m/min; Roughness: 0.1-0.4 ss(Ra).

2About steel dryer cylinder
Steel dryer cylinder has the advantages of light weight, strong thermal conductivity and high pressure. Diameter 800~7500mm,length 2000~12000mm,design pressure 1mpa,working speed 100-2200m/min
3About Yankee Dryer Cylinder
Cast iron yankee dryer cylinder diameter up to 3800mm, steel yankee dryer cylinder diameter up to 7500mm.We also provide Yankee dryer with groove internal to adjust working requirements.
4What is the different of cast iron and steel dryer cylinder?

**Advantages of cast iron dryer cylinder: cast iron material contains graphite with high corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance.It's also has excellent fatigue strength and can withstand high pressure of the press roll.At the same time the cast iron material surface performance is good, does not need surface spraying treatment.Suitable for all kinds of paper production, especially have great performance in wide pressure area, high line pressure area.**Advantages of steel dryer cylinder: steel material is strong, which means the dryer shell thickness can be thinner, shell heat transfer efficiency is higher, with stronger drying capacity, can reduce energy consumption.At the same time, the steel material also has the property of easy extension, which is easier to produce.Suitable for the production of most household paper, especially modern high speed toilet paper and special paper machines.


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